800 West Eldorado Pkwy 
Suite 126
Little Elm, Texas  75068
Wednesday and Sunday

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Now Hiring!!
    We are looking for people that are exited about giving good customer service. For example serving with a smile and always making an extra effort in helping the customer feel welcomed and comfortable. We are currently building a waiting staff to take orders and serve at the table. We need servers with a positive attitude even though they might be having a bad day (we all have those days). If you're interested in being part of our waiting staff please come in and fill out an application at the cafe or call us at 972 987 4119.
    We are also looking to grow our kitchen staff. Chef Guillermo Melendez has 21 years of cooking experience, he's a self taught chef and has a passion for the culinary arts. He's a chef that will work hard next to you and is looking for someone who will do the same. We want cooks who are clean, dedicated, hard working and also know how to prep, fry, and grill food. If you have the experience and/or are interested in learning about being a part of our kitchen staff, once again, call or stop by the cafe to fill out an application.